White Wealth Management works with an exclusive group of highly-sophisticated investment managers that specialize in serving the distinct financial planning needs of ultra-high-net-worth individuals, corporations and business owners.

Private Wealth Management

for Individuals and Families

We offer you a robust suite of wealth management, advisory, financial and estate planning, and family office services.

Financial planning

We develop custom, goals-based financial planning strategies that focus on retirement, philanthropic and wealth transfer planning, as well as insurance needs.

Investment strategy & asset allocation

We work with you to identify areas of investment opportunity, providing ongoing monitoring of investments, and reallocation of assets as appropriate.

Key advisor due diligence

We help you assess and vet CPAs, estate planning attorneys and other trusted advisors to help ensure fulfillment of your needs and alignment with your objectives.

Philanthropic strategies

Our team helps you establish private foundations, charitable funds and trusts, as well as plans to help maximize your giving.

Portfolio construction & management

We build and manage a diversified, tax-efficient portfolio focused on minimizing risk while maximizing yield.

Portfolio reporting & analysis

We create both high-level and detailed client portfolio and investment performance reports.

Retirement planning

We design retirement strategies with an emphasis on income distribution needs, long-term goals, tax management, and charitable giving.

Risk management

Our team provides ongoing portfolio and investment monitoring to discern, assess and help mitigate risk.

Tax planning

From estate planning to charitable giving, our team focuses on creating tax-efficient investment and wealth management strategies.

Wealth transfer/Estate planning

We work with clients and their families to create wealth transfer strategies designed to preserve family values and educate the next generation on financial and investment best practices.

Institutional Wealth Management

for Corporations and Business Owners

Our team works with business owners and corporations to develop custom investment and portfolio management strategies.

Cash management

We assist you with wire transfers, issuing checks, setting up direct debits and supporting liquidity needs.

Portfolio development

We build and manage diversified, tax-efficient portfolios that align with your corporation’s objectives and requirements, with a focus on minimizing risk while maximizing yield. 

Discretionary portfolio management

Our team oversees the day-to-day management and executional needs of investments and accounts, enabling you to focus on your business.

Investment consulting

We work with you to discern areas of investment opportunity, providing comprehensive management and ongoing monitoring of your investments.

Liquidity event prep

We help you assess viable event options, such as private sales, as well as enhance business valuation to attain your desired liquidity goals.

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