Our Process

Our strategic process supports customization at every level and focuses on your distinct needs and objectives. From asset allocation and retirement planning, to business growth and corporate cash management, we work with you to create solutions that help you enhance your portfolio and achieve your financial goals.

1. Discover

At White Wealth Management, we believe a deep understanding of your short- and long-term needs is imperative, which is why we take the time to discuss and assess your current situation and aspirations with you. Together, we explore your time horizon, lifestyle, tolerances, philanthropic pursuits, concerns, requirements and aspirations.

2. Plan

Based on the information gathered throughout the discovery process, we develop holistic financial plans, portfolios and asset allocation strategies designed to align with and support your key financial and non-financial objectives. We also review your current plan for opportunities for enhancement and goal alignment.

3. Monitor

We provide ongoing investment monitoring and regularly review your portfolio with you. We understand that circumstances change, which is why we adjust, rebalance and reallocate your portfolio as necessary per changing marketing conditions and your evolving personal needs.

4. Implement

We perform rigorous research on managers and investment vehicles to identify optimal options for your plan’s implementation. We then allocate your assets based on your agreement and comfort with our personalized recommendations.

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